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3 Ways to Welcome The Fall

Hello Fall! How in the heck did we get here? While I’m sad that summer has come to a close, during the month of September I always find myself somewhere stuck in between living in a permanent summer state of a mind and on the other hand day-dreaming about drinking a cold hard cider at Penning’s Orchard after a long day apple picking and everything else FUN that Warwick, NY has to offer. Anyways while we close up the sunshine season and open our doors to the crisp air of a New Jersey fall, we all find ourselves at this door of beginnings. While the New Year technically is January 1st, I feel as though September is where our real new year calendar clock begins. Further, it’s a new school year for most, the start of no more summer-Friday’s for others, a new football season, and many more new beginnings; maybe it’s a new relationship, a new season of your favorite show- it’s all about beginnings. We set our clocks back and jump forward arms open into the Pumpkin Spice Season. With this sense of new beginnings, I always feel I need to shed some weight (while usually this means hit the gym after a summer of indulging and drinking), I mean mentally. I need to de-clutter and get back on track, tidy up my life for a lack of a better term. This month I’m going to tell you a few ways to literally shed some weight (without hitting the gym)- take out the trash- get back in the groove of things after three months of craziness & almost 0 structure. Here are 3 things I do every fall that are almost NECESSARY to get back after it!

1. Clean out your closet & donate whatever you haven’t worn in recent history

So this one is always so tough for me—I’m a clothing hoarder. Holding onto jeans that probably don’t fit—and realistically won’t ever fit again. Sweaters that hoard certain memories, crop tops that are SO out of season (and style if I might add). Tee-shirts with unwelcome stains and remnants of memories- sneakers that hurt our feet but were our staple running shoe once upon a moon. Honestly? GET RID OF THEM. How else will we make room for some groovy new fashion attire? I have this thing where I’m like “well what if I have an 80’s themed party I’m going to want to wear that”… Like Lol no Krista, you won’t. You’re going to go to the local Forever 21 and pick up one of their out of left field fashion garments and wear that- so honestly- ditch it. I live by the out of sight out of mind- I do not even remember I have half of these clothes until I assess the situation this time of year, so truth be told, if I never see it again, it’s likely I’ll never miss it. Plus there are So many awesome ways to donate your clothes to make you feel even better about it. Whether it’s a hurricane relief, the Salvation Army, a Red Cross—you will be so happy you did. And so will the recipients of your old belongings. And how much better will you be when you’re not fighting to close your old tee-shirt drawer knowing someone else is reaping the same benefits and happiness that once brought you? Decluttering our personal space is KEY to feeling mentally lighter!

2 .Make a new bucket list & organize your time

Once the fall hits, if you’re anything like me, you mentally begin to rush through in your head all of the things and expectations you have for the fall season on top of having this needed desire to get back into structure {coffee in the morning, put on a cute outfit and begin the commute}, so basic yet we’re all so guilty of it. Do I want to go pumpkin picking? Do I want to go apple picking? Ooow what about a winery? Maybe the drive-in theatre? Realistically- how many of us make these lists, mental or physical, of things we want to accomplish this fall? The boots and hats that we want and need to wear on these outings or on these chilly morning commutes. We all do it—I’m so guilty I made one last night. The truth is, when we feel like we’re missing out on these obligations we begin to feel, well, sort of let down by these unrealistic expectations we set and begin to feel stressed if we’re not so keen on keeping structure as well. My sister, Kiersten, and I visit the Essex county sunflower maze every August / Early September, and when we went to go the other day, we learned they closed early due to poor weather conditions. I felt totally let down, but since it was on my bucket list, and since I at least tried, and was able to cross it off of my list technically- I didn’t feel so bad even though I’m going to MAKE SURE I make it there for their 2019 season {obvi}. Really, whether it’s a bucket list, or your totally booked, make sure you delegate & organize your time properly in order to lift this heaviness off your mind. Make sure you integrate a routine as well as “me-time” into your schedule, bucket list, whichever– so you do not miss out on all the important fun things you want to accomplish!

3. Lastly, start a new morning routine & actually stick to it

As I mentioned, the fall is usually a time we feel pretty mentally, and perhaps physically heavy. Maybe you’re having a hard time finding the energy to go the gym, waking up gets tough when the mornings get darker & colder. SO what you seem to be lacking is a new morning routine. It takes 7 days for your body to get into a habit. Maybe it’s going to be setting your alarm earlier, or brewing a pot of coffee, hoping up & turning on the kettle or maybe it actually does involve going to the gym. Whatever it is- find a new morning structure to get back into. The whole way our day will unfold begins in those few waking moments in the morning. You set the tone & decide just how this day is going to be. Will you be sluggish and tired? Will you be excited and joyful? Energic & positive? People do not realize that simply pressing snooze on their alarm they’re throwing off their internal clock by getting up at 7:00 one day and 7:30 the next. And if you’re not waking up at the same time every day, your body doesn’t know when to start feeling sleepy, hungry (think metabolism!), either, making you more likely to push your bedtime later and further deprive yourself of rest and a valuable body clock.
If we make these lists, organize our time, clean out our closets, lighten the load, wake up early and start our days, we may actually be able to stay in order with our new routines, feel a little lighter, and embrace this new year (season) with some fun new memories along the way. People don’t realize how heavy mental stress can make us feel. If we feel so much change going on all at once, we begin to mess with all sorts of internal emotions and clocks that make us feel happy, healthy, and confident. I encourage you to make gradual changes and incorporate new routines and to value your time—keep your time organized. Give back to those who have less, and declutter your life. Do not hold onto things that no longer serve you. Start fresh.

Happy Fall,
I love you!