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4 Ways To Get Out Of Your Comfort Zone

Hey guys! Happy… Sunday of the Summer… August! Can you believe that one? Craziness. It’s been a minute since I’ve written anything for you and I can contribute that entirely to the opening of our second location that opened up just over a month ago at 110 Washington Street, Hoboken, NJ. If you haven’t stopped by- be sure to check it out- we have an entirely new scene for you with a ton more of the food you know and love (tacos, avocado eggrolls, pulled pork, galore!) Anyways, lately I notice myself and some of my peers entering this sort of ‘blah phase’ of the year. The ‘blah phase’ is when we feel sort of out of motion, sort of stuck, in this period of no change, or in other words, stuck in our comfort zones. There are different types of comfort zones; some more permanent than others, some we carry our whole lives, and some are just temporary. I find myself in these periods as well- I think it’s only natural that we do. Whenever I feel this way, I know it’s time to shake myself up and try something new. So I’m going to tell you ways to identity these lulls, and 4 ways (though there are SO many more) but we’ll keep it simple, as to how we can hop out of our comfort zone and help ourselves change.

People do not realize that change is the essence of life-if we never change, we never exercise these different versions of ourselves that we’re so capable of being- and it’s so freaking cool that we are capable of being so many different people, with so many different talents, and so many different versions of being one person. If we don’t jump out of our comfort zone– we never see parts of ourselves that shine in different environments, we become comfortable-stagnant. It’s so imperative to teach yourself something new, to go out to eat by yourself, to explore the world as a single individual, and to truly be comfortable in our own skin, but not comfortable with life.

1. Be awkward. Feel Awkward.

Go to the coffee shop, order your coffee, and look around. Take in the people around you. Make it a bet with yourself, how long can I not look at my phone for? See how uncomfortable you feel. It’s the ultimate test. Why do you feel uncomfortable? It’s truly awakening– Many people rely on their cellphones now- they go to the coffee shops, place their order and look at their phone for comfort. GO to a restaurant- look around at the people eating alone, are they alone? Or are they with the comfort of their cellphones. Ditch the cellphone. Admire the world around you. It’s moving so quick. You will be amazed at what you see. Seldom do people enjoy the presence of just themselves—maybe this is because they’re uncomfortable in the setting, or even with themselves. Test yourself. Be the person who is truly just there, sipping their coffee, maybe reading a book, or simply watching the swirls the milk makes in your coffee. You may feel uncomfortable- but the end result is a beautiful awakening within ourselves. I recently took a trip to Chicago and had the days to completely explore a city I’ve never been to by myself. I went to breakfast by myself and didn’t pick up my phone once. I had people staring at me & you know what? That was ok, I simply offered them a smile and drank my coffee. I took in the environment around me and learned about the people of Chicago- bustling by on their ways to work, and meetings, and yoga classes. I had never been to Chicago, and I’m not quite sure when I’ll be back, so I figured I may as well fully be there, present, uncomfortable finding comfort, in a place I did not know. It felt great. I felt like I was growing, because years ago, I would’ve confined myself to the hotel probably laying by the pool just minding my own business–But I will tell you now-life is just too too short to do the things we’ve always done- step out of your comfort zone!

2. Change up your daily dose of serotonin!

Tired? Bored at the gym? Can’t seem to get yourself to the gym on a regular basis? It’s likely you’re complacent with your exercise regime and in result pretty tired of it. Change it up, girlfriendddd. Hop in a gym class you’ve never done- shake it up! With the world of dancing exercises, hot yoga, cycle bars, and barre classes—we have so many ways to see what works for us. Our bodies know when we’re bored- they know when our spirit is drained. It is so so imperative and crucial to our weightless journeys & lifestyle changes to incorporate different forms of exercise into our regimens. For years I was doing cardio, lifting, jumping, this, that, the other thing, and man, let me tell you- I was beat. I would dread going to the gym, and for whatever reason, my body knew. I was gaining weight! I wasn’t smiling during my workouts, my mind wasn’t exploring endless possibilities, it wasn’t amp-ing itself up like it used to. It was simply comfortable. It was a nightmare. So I turned my entire attention back to yoga- I challenged myself daily. I fell—A lot. I over shot so many positions I almost broke my nose. But you know what? I was happy. I was in awe of what my body was capable of and guess what? I STILL AM! Everyday I’m pushing myself to new limits & I haven’t ran a mile in 3 months ( ha ha jokes on you treadmill..see you..never!) Just kidding. But really—all it took was stepping out of what always worked for me, stepping away from what I was SO comfortable doing, and changing it up to find joy again in something that always made me so happy- exercise.

3. Say YES! Get. Your. Experience. On.

Living on budget? The internet rocks! Say Yes!!! If someone asks you to do something – say Yes! Whilst I was in Chicago, I went to this place called Navy Pier. I rode the Ferris Wheel completely alone- I went on an architecture tour on a boat alone. I made the tour guide take a photo of just me. How crazy? How sad? No! Don’t feel sad. I was so happy. I felt so damn free. I felt like a grown a** woman who was seeing the world on her own. I told people I was “Krista Columbus the solo explorer” they thought I was funny & somewhat insane… I did too once I heard it out loud. The point is- It was so freeing to do. I felt like this empowered person that- if I could feel comfortable being the ONLY single on all of these touristy attractions, I could be comfortable in almost every other situation. I did this thing for a month. I said YES to everything someone asked me to, and of course if I absolutely could not, I didn’t! It’s cool to be flexible like that. Did I want to stay in, order sushi and drink a bottle of wine while watching Shameless most times? Yes. Sad but yes. But I didn’t, and you know what? I made a lot of people happy by joining them on their adventures, and I made my soul happy too. I was uncomfortable, comfortable, and made some new friends, and got closer with my old friends

4. Talk to a stranger.

Yes- talk to the man you see every day on the corner. Ask the lady at the supermarket where she got her dress. Ask the lady who is looking at the same yogurt you’re interested in if she’s ever tried it, and if she hates it… maybe get a different one. Get opinions. Hear people and their thoughts. We’re so stuck in our own heads, we get agitated by the opinions of others. But guess what? They’re real! They’re human. They have stories, thoughts, points of views your little comfort zone might’ve never allowed you to see and they might teach you something. You can see the people as an inconvenience, or a little experience. We all carry so many stories, so much love, happiness, and even the bad stuff too, we carry that as well, but if we can learn, learn from other people about their bliss, or their mistakes, maybe it’ll help us when stepping out of these comfort zones to not make the same mistakes. Since I’ve went down this path of being uncomfortable, I’ve met so many incredible people. I’ve become this person, since my head is always up, that people always and I mean always talk to! It’s so comforting in an uncomfortable way. And for whatever reason, my life is so much more fun & laughable. I run into the most ridiculous things every day, and guess what? They make me laugh. And of course I say, “What is going on here?” most of the time, but I’m usually happy I witnessed whatever it was. I’m happy I was there, and not on my phone, obsessing over things that truly are NOT HAPPENING.
Whatever it is- whether this comfort zone is lifelong, if you order the same coffee every morning, and take the same path to work- or maybe you’ve been running 4 miles a day for 8 years and you stick to it because, hey I’m still in shape—change it up. I beg of you to change it up. I encourage everyone to get boogie with it, and change it up. Because one day you might wake up and realize you spent 6 years of your life doing the exact same thing every single day, and you may look back and see how much of your life could’ve been different. Life is funny man. It’s crazy, and hectic, agitating and beautiful all at the same time. We have to be able to feel awkward, goofy, & uncomfortable, because nothing worth pumping your blood about is found in your comfort zone. We have to be able to dance it off, laugh it off, and yes, sometimes ask “What is going on?”, because crazy, hilarious things are taking place around us each and every day. Because life is so unpredictable & it has 0 room for mediocracy. It has no room to be ordinary. Exercise your discomfort, it’s the only way you’re going to change, it’s the only way anything is ever going to change. I really hope you do. Go be a weirdo, everyone else already is!