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Celebrate Women's History Month at these women-run New Jersey restaurants and kitchens


Shaka Bowl Shows
NJ How to Live
the Hawaiian Way


Chef Chat:
Shaka's Kiersten Gormeley Serves Up the Aloha Spirit

NJMONTHLY.COM | june 2021

Women Chefs in
Hudson County
You Need to Know


Shaka Bowl Chef Kiersten Gormeley Brings ‘Chopped’ Champion Title Home

NJ.COM | MAY 2021

Shaka Winner
at 'Chopped'
Taco Brawl



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For all press inquiries, please contact the Shaka Kitchen PR Team. We welcome the opportunity to share our culinary journey, innovative menu offerings, and commitment to harmonizing health, happiness, and flavor with the world.

Visit Shaka Kitchen

Shaka Kitchen invites you to embark on a culinary adventure that transcends the ordinary. Located in Hoboken, NJ, our restaurant is not just a place to eat; it’s a destination where health-conscious diners and food enthusiasts unite to celebrate delicious, nutritious, and flavorful cuisine. Join us today and experience the magic of Shaka Kitchen.

For high-resolution images, interviews, or additional information, please contact the Shaka Kitchen PR Team.

About Shaka Kitchen

Shaka Kitchen is a fast-casual eatery dedicated to harmonizing health, happiness, and flavor through delicious, nutritious food. With a diverse menu catering to various dietary preferences, Shaka Kitchen offers a culinary journey like no other. Visit us today and embark on a flavorful adventure that celebrates the power of fresh, wholesome ingredients.

Harmonizing Health, Happiness, and Flavor: Shaka Kitchen’s Culinary Footprint

Shaka Kitchen, the renowned fast-casual eatery in the heart of Hoboken, is making waves in the culinary world by harmonizing health, happiness, and flavor purposefully. As a go-to destination for food enthusiasts and health-conscious diners alike, Shaka Kitchen has left an indelible footprint on the fast-casual culinary landscape.