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Where Nutritious Meets Delicious

We’re on a mission to infuse a sense of “shaka” into the everyday lives of our customers through mindfully crafted food, served in a feel-good environment.

Shaka is connecting to yourself, your environment and the people around you. It’s feeling good, spreading positivity, cheering each other on, and putting love into action. It’s taking a chance, going on an adventure, and making friends along the way. It’s appreciating what you have while striving to become better.
Shaka is the bliss that keeps you going, & the balance that keeps you grounded.
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Shaka’s story begins in 2014- when founders Kiersten & Krista Gormeley moved to the small town of Hilo, Hawaii. It was here they discovered a new way of living- a simple lifestyle grounded by nature and fueled by community. The Island’s natural resources provided them with fresh, wholesome ingredients that lifted their spirits- every meal made them feel good, energized & motivated. Aspiring Chef Kiersten fell in love with the flavors she experienced on the Island, but was even more impressed by how refreshed and invigorated these natural ingredients made her feel. She knew that easy-access to delicious & nutritious food was desperately needed in her hometown, so, after returning to New Jersey in 2015 Kiersten & Krista began conceptualizing a way to share these unique flavors & fresh ingredients with the East Coast.

As they began preparations for their first restaurant, life took a turn for the sisters when Kiersten was diagnosed with thyroid cancer. Kiersten persevered through this tough time and quickly beat the cancer crediting her all natural diet for her speedy recovery. Back in good health, the sisters were ever more determined to share the power of healthy eating.

They decided to pursue their dreams of opening a simple cafe that emphasized elevating natural, wholesome ingredients to create delicious, nutrient-dense food that fuels your day. One year later, the two sisters opened Shaka Bowl, the first cafe to offer both acai & poke bowls in one location. As the years went on, the two continued to travel, explore new flavors & add more variety to their menu- which lead them to evolve the brand from Shaka Bowl to Shaka Kitchen– a fast-casual, island-inspired, all-day eatery focused on taking simple, wholesome ingredients and making them exceptional.