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Six Things We’ve Learned By Taking A Chance On US

Six Things We’ve Learned By Taking A Chance On US Six years, where do we begin? To say we are proud, grateful, motivated, inspired, fortunate, and so much more would be an understatement—we’re all those things and so much more. When we think back to the girls who came home

Why It’s A Great Time to Buy a Fast Casual Franchise

Why it’s a great time to buy a fast casual franchise We touched upon the numbers recently in our blog – owners and prospective owners have never been more interested in owning and operating franchises. And to be candid, now is a great time to buy a fast casual franchise

How To Determine The Best-Fit Franchise Before Taking the Leap

How to determine the best-fit franchise before taking the leap There are nearly 754,000 franchise owners in the United States, and interest in owning a franchise has never been higher. The advantages of owning a franchise as a path to entrepreneurship are compelling. And the freedom you can gain through

Five Key Healthy Lifestyle Tips

Five KEY Healthy Lifestyle Tips 1. Wake Up Early & Plan Your Day Time management is one of the hardest things in life to master. Many people wander through life blindly, everyday praying they make their train, praying they have time to make it to the gym, and hoping they

Spirulina & Strength

Spirulina & Strength Hey Shaka lovers, we’re back again with more fun facts, information, and tips on all things healthy just as we promised. This week we thought we would dive into this tiny, but powerful ingredient that we sell here at Shaka, both in one of our very popular

Giving Back

Giving Back We’re almost into February of 2019, and although all of our New Years goals are still fully intact, I personally am a firm believer in always setting new goals for ourselves. To push that further, I believe we need to always be setting new goals for ourselves in